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Healthier Skin & Frizz-Free Hair
in just 30 days*

with Charmeuse, the original luxury V-Silk™ pillowcase

designed for sensitive skin & the curly girl hair.


What is V-Silk™?

Did you know that Mulberry Silk is NOT cruelty-free?

Utilizing advanced Micro Eco-Soft Technology, we have engineered the world's first Vegan & Cruelty-Free Silk, made from sustainable Eucalyptus & Bamboo and enhanced with Nano-Ions that is anti-bacterial + anti-microbial + anti-static + hypoallergenic eliminating 99% of the nasties to give you healthier skin & frizz-free manageable hair.


Eliminates 99% of Bedding Bacteria & Microbials


Yes, all Charmeuse products are 101% Cruelty-Free & Vegan-Friendly.

Our V-Silk™ Pillowcases are made of sustainable Eucalyptus & Bamboo fiber whilst our Aromatherapy Essential Oil blend is made from premium certified organic oils that are not tested on animals.

The iconic Charmeuse box is made from recyclable paper with non-toxic printable ink.

Our Charmeuse V-Silk™ is enhanced with Nano-Ions to prevent bacteria, dust mites and microbials from habitating in your pillowcase.

This makes it hypoallergenic and helps to reduce skin allergies, acne breakouts, sinuses, eczema & psoriasis and all other atopic dermatitis.

Unlike Mulberry Silk that only retains its lustrousness for 9-12 months, Charmeuse's V-Silk™ utilizes a closed-loop process to ensure durability that lasts up to 5+ years.

You definitely can!

Our customized embroidery system allows you to customize any name with a maximum of 7 letters with a choice of 12 different thread colours to choose from!

Name embroideries will be placed on the right hand bottom corner of the pillowcase.

Get in touch with us if you'd like to customize something extra special.

Australian Standard Size (Queen): 51cm x 76cm with hidden zip enclosure

Unlike Mulberry Silk that requires special handling and detergent during washing and drying, we designed our V-Silk™ to be of easy maintenance to lessen your worries!

Just simply use your regular washing detergent in cold water and low cycle in your washer and you're good to go!

Our V-Silk™ pillowcases are dryer-friendly too! Just remember low heat please! They dry pretty fast!

PS: Just a gentle reminder to separate all whites and blacks while washing :)


Just purchase your pillowcase and let us know within 100 nights (from the date of purchase) that you would like to return the item* and we would give you a refund.

You can reach us at

Customized pillowcases will void of the 100 nights risk-free trial.

*In order to curb the spread of Covid19 and to keep our team safe, please wash and sanitize your pillowcase before returning it to us. Returns must be in its original box together with the Authenticity Card and originally sealed Aromatherapy Essential Oil Roll-On. Should any of these items be missing, Charmeuse Pty Ltd will have the rights to void a full refund. Missing or used items maybe chargeable on a case to case basis.

We are an ethical organization that encourages a sustainable way of life for the concern of our future generation.

After our Founders learnt that making Mulberry Silk requires Silkworms to be boiled alive to attain silk fiber, they set out to develop a cruelty-free silk option that is not only sustainable, but also eco-friendly to the environment.

Our partnership with Cruelty-Free International in the UK is an extension to our commitment and joint vision to create a world where nobody believes we need to experiment or harm any animals.

100+ Real Reviews

See what our customers are saying...

"Mind blown!"

I am IN LOVE with this amazing ethical silk pillowcase! My hair is definitely less oily and less flat on a daily basis and I don't have morning bed-hair knots anymore! My skin is also noticeably smoother. Highly recommended!

Joanne Kay


I have never heard of this until my partner got a set for us for our wedding anniversary. I was still skeptical on how a pillowcase could help with my hair and skin until I tried it and was mind blown! 2 weeks in, I have more obedient hair and even less hair fall! I noticed that my skin is also less tight and dry. LOVE IT!

Miss Bee


OMG this is brilliant!!! I found this and gave it a go and LOVED every thing it did for my hair and skin! Not to mention how soft and pretty it is with my name on it!

Danielle Teychenne

"My Whole family loves it"

Look at how gorgeous they are! One for each one in the family for Christmas and we all love how soft and smooth the texture is! It is also so comforting to know that they are no dust-mites lurking in our pillowcases and the best part is- they are cruelty-free and vegan friendly! Thank you xxx


"Beautiful gift!"

Probably the CLASSIEST gift I have ever received from my husband! I have collected almost every colour and love what it does for my hair, skin and eyelash extensions!

Katherine Byrne

"I bought this for my wife but ended up loving it too!"

I can't believe I am saying this but this silk beauty pillowcase is so soft and comfortable to sleep on! I have less stubble-itch and flaky skin now too! What I thought was a present for my wife ended up being something that I now use myself!

Tim Werner

"So soft & Beautiful"

I got a set of 2 for my partner and I and I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am with the quality and custom embroideries of our names! They are just so special and I love sleeping on them knowing that its good for my hair and skin. Thank you Charmeuse!!!



Ordered a set for my partner and I for our anniversary. It arrived fast and looked even more beautiful than in pictures. Pictures do no justice to how smooth and soft this vegan silk is!!! Will order more in all different colours! Recommended!


"Great for chemical treated hair"

I get my hair done pretty frequently and usually that would mean rougher hair and more breakage. I gave this pillowcase a go and now I find my hair more manageable and my scalp is also somehow less oily and flaky. My skin somehow looks clearer too!

Alexia P

"Couple Set"

OMG they are amazing! So pretty too! I have to mention that the quality is superb and the customized names add a very nice touch. My partner and I have definitely better sleep and to know that I have an anti-aging pillowcase that works while I sleep- WIN!

Joyce & Jacky

"My daughter hijacks my pillow!"

I started with one to try to help keep my wrinkles at bay but my daughter keeps hijacking my pillow as she is obsessed with how soft and smooth it is!!! So I ended up getting a set of 4 for the whole family and NO REGRETS! It has definitely helped with my skin and my kids Eczema.

Rachel Foo

"Easy Maintenance"

It feels exactly like the usual mulberry silk but so much cheaper and better for the environment! I AM SOLD! I usually have to hand-wash silk and use a special delicate detergent- which was quite troublesome considering how much housework I already have. Caring for this was REALLY EASY. Just chuck it in the washer once a week and its done!


"Less breakouts"

I love burying my face into my pillow now because its so soft! I don't have to worry about bacteria or the creepy crawlies in my pillow anymore! My skin is also better and I have less breakouts.

Ava Papas

"Simply Love it"

I love the customization Charmeuse allowed us to do on our cases! Its so unique and I am blown away at how beautiful they are. I no longer wake up with sheet marks on my face and no more bed hair! :)

Siobhan & Tom

"Brilliant Invention"

This invention is brilliant! I never knew normal silk was not cruelty-free nor vegan! I was shocked to learn that Silkworms get boiled alive to make silk! I am now so happy to know that Charmeuse has created a vegan alternative to normal silk that is so good for my health, hair and skin! LOVE IT!


"Not just a girly pillowcase"

I hate to admit this but I used to think that this was just a beauty thing for the ladies... until I tried it for myself, thanks to my partner. I am amaze how the acne I have on my back, neck and face has slowly recovered after sleeping on this for 2 months! SOLD!

Sean F

"The family's favourite"

All the colours were so beautiful it was so hard to pick! When it arrived, the packaging was so luxe it reminded me of CHANEL! I was also impressed that it came with an Authenticity Card. The whole family loves it and will definitely order more in different colours!


"Saves time in the mornings:"

If you are a curly hair girl like me, you would know how much time it takes to tidy my hair in the morning!!! After using this for 2 weeks, I noticed that I take less time to groom my hair before heading for work in the morning. There are less flyaways and less breakage for sure. I think probably less hair fall too. Recommended


"No more eczema"

My daughter has peri-oral Eczema and this pillowcase has helped cure it! It works so well to help keep my chemically treated hair less frizzy too. So now I recommend this to all my clients at my salon and I have seen how much their hair condition has improved!

Mary & Emma

"Less dry skin & hair"

We didn't expect it to be sooooo soft!!! We loved everything it does for our skin and hair especially in this hot summer weather. We have less dry skin and hair and definitely better sleep! Thank you!

Lindsay & Noelene

"What will I do without this"

Totally helped with the condition of my hair and frizziness be gone! I have also had less hair fall and I am definitely going to introduce this to everyone! Highly- Recommended!


"Miracle for my skin"

I have pretty bad Eczema and I always breakout around the jaw area especially after long hours of wearing a mask for work. After trying this beautiful silk pillowcase, my acne MIRACULOUSLY stopped and I have less Eczema flare-ups too! Definitely recommending this to my friends and colleagues!

Nessme C

"Helped my sinus"

My mate recommended this to me saying that it would help with my sinus, especially the super blocked nose I get in the mornings. I was skeptical at first and thought I would give the 100 nights trial a go. Turns out it worked like a gem and now I have 2 pillowcases to switch to each time. Kudos


Prevents 99% Dust Mites

100 days Risk-FREE TRIAL
The Charmeuse Guarantee

100% Authentic Luxury

A Luxurious Aromatherapy Blend

FREE with Every Order

Why we the preferred choice

"V-Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand" - Oscar de la Renta